What is it?An M2M Android application that enables 2-way bulk SMS/MMS messaging by converting messages to and from email. Using your existing messaging plan and email account to easily communicate using text, picture and video messaging.

Who Uses it
  • Small/Medium Businesses: Communicate with customers using SMS/MMS
  • IT Departments: Deliver notifications to employees and IT staff
  • Organizations/Groups: Communicate with groups about changes to
    times, dates and venues of meetings. Get responses from those
    planning to attend.
  • Manufacturers: Warranty and RMA departments can receive pictures/video from customers about damaged products.
  • Political Campaigns: Contact party supporters about your compaign.
  • Universities: Interact with alumni about upcoming events (athletic, academic, alumni functions etc.) Communicate with student body directly about campus alerts, events, information, etc.
  • School Districts: Notify parents of delays, meetings, cafeteria menus, etc.
  • Hospitals/Doctors Offices: Notify patients, doctors or relatives with updates

SMS/MMS messaging using email server


Sending Message    Receiving Message


Q1. How does the application know what numbers to send to?

Answer: Inside the email message body you add the list of phone numbers in a special format. For example to deliver to two numbers you would use @to{ 1555123456, 15552342345}

Q2. What content can I send?

Answer: You can send just SMS if you use less than 160 characters in the subject and message body. You can send an MMS picture if you send over 160 characters or you attach a picture to the email.

Q3. Can this application send SMS/MMS to anyone?

Answer: You can send messages to any phone number your carrier is capable of delivering to. The application only functions as a server and will only send messages to the numbers you tell it to.

Q4. How long will it take for my message to be received by the recipient?

Answer: The delivery time and reliability will be based on the carrier that you are using to deliver the message.

Q5. What factors will affect the message reception time?

The speed of your device will affect how quickly messages are processed on the device. The speed of your data connection will affect your message send and receive speed to the network. Your carrier will affect how quickly it is delivered to and from the end user.

Q6. Is there a maximum number of messages the application is able to send and receive?

Answer: You can receive an unlimited number of messages from people. You can send messages up to your total message limit for the month set by your carrier.

Q7. Is it possible for end users to not accept messages from the application?

Answer: The end user may reply STOP to block the device from delivering any further unwanted messages. We put these numbers into a ‘Block List’ on the device. You are required by law to end communication with the end user if they Opt-out.

Q8. How does someone get off the ‘Block’ list on the device if he/she wishes to receive messages again?

Answer: The user will send an SMS to the applications phone number with the word “START”

Q9. What type of charges will be incurred by people receiving messages? What if they are roaming?

Answer: It is the the same charges as if you text them personally, this application just automates the process using email. In the United States, all messages are deducted from the persons plan. However in most of the world, there is no cost to receive messages. There is no additional cost to receive messages while roaming.

Q10. Are people required to subscribe to the device or service in order to receive messages?

Answer: You should always have your end users permission to send them messages. If you do not they may consider your messages spam and report you to authorities. The application does not manage the opt-in process.

Q11. Will the application keep my opt-in list so I know which numbers I can send to?

Answer: You are responsible for building and maintaining the list of numbers and their message preferences. The application only keeps a "Block List" of numbers to prevent people/businesses from abusing this technology

Q12. What kind of email server is required? What if it goes down?

Answer: It is recommended that you use an account on your companies own email server so that it has redundancy and backups so in case of failure. You may also use any online email accounts such as gmail, yahoo or msn as your email server.

Q13. Do I have to follow the MMA’s code of best practices? What about the National Do-Not-Call lists and Can-Spam regulations?

Answer: This application enables you (a business) to communicate with your customers the same way that an email server enables businesses to communicate with customers. It is the businesses responsibility to comply with both the law and the recommendations made by leading industry bodies. If you have someone’s permission to message them then you will not get in trouble. If you do not have their permission then you will likely get in trouble.


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